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Frequently Asked Questions

Instructions for AgeBold SignUp through UPGREYD

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join from UPGREYD?

By joining AgeBold through UPGREYD, you automatically get the 50% discounted price and tech support.


How much does AgeBold membership cost?  

$12.50 per month. By signing up through UPGREYD, members receive 10% discount. First 30 days are free.

If I am not a UPGREYD member what do I need to do to sign up for AgeBold?


If I am a UPGREYD BASIC member what do I need to do to sign up for AgeBold?

Go to the Instructions below.

What is the cancellation policy?

7 days, Email to info@anewvista.com

When do I get billed?

UPGREYD will deduct from your prepaid balance every month after the 30 day trial period is over.

How do I pay for AgeBold membership?

Using UPGREYD account prepaid dollars. You pay to UPGREYD for AgeBold membership.

OR we can send you a monthly recurring invoice.

Do I have to have a special plan to signup?

NO, BASIC plan members can signup.

What is AgeBold?  

AgeBold is a virtual Exercise Platform and it helps ​improve your Balance, Strength, & Mobility from home with Bold’s online, easy-to-follow exercise programs.

Where can I find more information about AgeBold?

Go to https://agebold.com/faq/

Have more questions? Email to info@anewvista.com

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Instructions for AgeBold SignUp through UPGREYD

  1. Login to UPGREYD.com

  2. Go to Lifestyle --> Fitness by AgeBold, click "Try BOLD NOW" and fill the form and Submit Order. Go to Fitness by AgeBold (this step informs us of your interest in AgeBold and let us know if you need assistance with AgeBold)

  3. Once You submit the form look for an email from UPGREYD. Email will give instructions to create an account on AgeBold.com (Note: You do not pay to AgeBold) 

  4. On AgeBold website, click the blue 'LOG IN' button on the top right, on the next screen, click Sign Up at the bottom.

  5. Once you have created an AgeBold account, forward the confirmation email from AgeBold to info@anewvista.com for the proof within 24 hours. (this step informs us with the exact date of your signup)

  6. After 21 days into the trial period, UPGREYD will confirm if you want to continue and deduct AgeBold dues from your prepaid account.

  7. Enjoy a free 30 day trial period.


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