UPGREYD.COM becomes AnewVista Community Services.
What does that change

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Nothing! If you have been a member of UPGREYD.COM, nothing changes for you.
Your membership is automatically transferred to AnewVista Community Services with no further actions from your side. You keep your same privileges, and any amount of money on your digital Wallet.

You're just part of a wider community now, welcome!


AnewVista Community Services is a digital platform that empowers its members through knowledge and resources.
We connect our members to their communities, our trusted partners and to each other through our personalized online platform.

Our members gain confidence through their gained knowledge, thus providing them with the resources they require to advance and enhance their active lifestyles.

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Customer satisfaction is our mantra. Our members feel empowered by expanding their knowledge and their support system.
Our offerings include technology classes (free for all), disaster preparedness instruction, volunteer opportunities, nutritional/exercise resources and home services such as housekeeping and gardening.

What makes us different is our integrated digital wallet. Our members have confidence in buying products and services all in one secure, convenient location. Family and friends can even add credits to our member Premium accounts to use on products and services in our platform. Our members have trust in our services and our always expanding service partner network.


Join AnewVista Community Services to start enhancing and advancing your life today.

What will you learn today?


AnewVista Community Services

Members Enjoy


active lifestyle services

partner discounts

peer reviewed and vetted services

single payment system