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Apply Photographic Styles in photos

On iPhone 13 models and iPhone SE (3rd generation)

  • You can apply a Photographic Style that customizes how Camera  captures photos.

  • Choose from the preset styles—Rich Contrast, Vibrant, Warm, or Cool.

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Organize your day with a Label on the Alarm

With a few taps on your smartphone label the alarms

  • Too many alarms and do not remember what the alarm was for.

  • You can set up alarms for a task example, Taking Medicine, Exercise, etc.

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Manage Bookmarks in Chrome 

Organize Bookmarks on your browser for quick access

  • Delete the bookmarks, no longer needed

  • Name the Bookmarks

  • Sort the Bookmarks

  • Move the Bookmarks

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Select Multiple items using Shift key


Fast selection for deletion and editing

  • Select Multiple Emails Fast

  • Select Multiple Cells in Excel or Google Sheets

  • Select Multiple lines in Word or Google Docs

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Phone Storage


Messages can take a lot of Storage

  • Go to Settings

  • Scroll down to General

  • Select iPhone Storage

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How to Play Online Game -


Have Fun with a Private game of Skribbl with friends

Playing an online game can be fun and easy.

And even better with your own set of friends or just family.

Show off to your grandkids by inviting them!

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Improve your searches on a browser


Searching for an exact phrase, from a specific site

  • Search for an exact phrase by putting it in double quotes "black zebra in Africa"


  • Search for exact phrase "black zebra" on a specific site like --
    "black zebra"""

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Podcasts Settings - iPhone & iPad


How to Delete Downloaded Episodes to save storage automatically


In 3 steps: (on iPhone or iPad)

1. Go to Settings

2. Scroll to Podcasts

3. Turn on "Delete Played Episodes" (will be deleted 24 hours after they are played)

Clear Cache on your browser

To keep your browser working at its best you should clear cache every few weeks:
Clear Chrome Cache on your computer
Clearing Chrome Cache on iPhone

Markup in photos and save from print & scan

Use the Smartphone to Markup in photos & save from printing/scanning forms

  • Do you find yourself in situations you need to sign a form or application and the printer is not working?

  • No need to print and scan!

  • You can do it all just from your Smartphone or Tablet.

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Battery Health for iPhones

Check Battery Health for iPhones

  • Don't be surprised if you see the message “Your battery's health is significantly degraded”

  • When Battery health falls below 80%, it may be time to replace it.

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Share YouTube Video Link at a Specific point

With the right-click get the link at a specific time in the YouTube video

  • Videos are long and at times you want to share the video at a specific point to grab the attention.

  • When on YouTube video, click right on the mouse

  • Select -> Copy video URL at current time

  • Share the URL by email or text

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Cleanup Text Messages


Message Settings on iPhone

  • Go to Settings - Messages

  • Keep them filtered by
    Known Senders and
    Unknown Sender

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YouTube Tips


Have fun with YouTube

  • go to full-screen mode

  • eliminate commercials

  • download the video

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Keyboard Shortcuts for Editing documents


Save time while editing in Microsoft Word, Google Docs or macOS

Try these 13 most used Keyboard shortcuts while working in Microsoft Word. 


They work same on Google Docs as well


On macOS: use Cmd Key instead of Ctrl Key 

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Close Open Tabs on Safari -

iPhone & iPad


Remember to close tabs on Safari - Saves battery and battery life


In 3 steps: (on iPhone or iPad)

To see the open tabs, tap the sign in Step 1 (2 overlapping squares)

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Search within a website on a

iPhone & iPad

Do you struggle in finding a particular name, link or word when on a website?


Click here to learn:

How to search within a website on iPhone/iPad